Thursday, 6 January 2011


A very small village (850 inhabitants)  in Burganland (east of Austria, in the middle of nowhere), called Raiding, happened to have a very famous musician, called Franz Liszt. So this village got, thanks to the EU, a, at least from my point of view, very nice concert hall. The hall seats 600 persons. Raiding is also close to the "top"  wine region of Burgenland. Well, all this made the people from Raiding thinking of how to make a bit of profit out of that. So the decided to invite some really nice Japanese architects to do some designs for them.
On top of that, University of Innsbruck decided to do also some design studios in Raiding.

In fact Rading has a lot of potential, in many ways. The WIP design shown here should become one day something like a "capsular hotel".

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Theodor Wender said...

storybook parametricism ... well done!!