Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A WoodenFluidity Part_2 Final

with Oliver von Malm

A WoodenFluidity :: Part_2

The second part of the project's focus was to refine secondary systems such as facade and interior elements. Starting off with the facade, we did a series of tests intoducing systems in to match the primary stripe structure. The system needed to fulfil a range of criterias: On the one hand, it had to stabilize the building, on the other hand it needed to match in an aestetic way. Further, the single elements should remain single curved. Light and orientation of the villas were two more parameters. So we decided to introduce to different systems for north and south facade.

A WoodenFluidity :: Facade Testing

A WoodenFluidity :: Interior Testing
Focusing on the interior, it became clear that we couldn't use conventional walls or columns in order to make a floor plan system or to support levels. So fluidity on the exterior had to result in fluidity on the interior aswell. First experiments using the same stripe logig, though refined, brought out some quite acceptable results from an aestetical point of view.

A WoodenFluidity :: Parametric Interior
As you can see in the section picture above, the first idea couldn't be used as it cost too much space and was not appropriate to separate single rooms. So we needed a wall which is easier to handle and can adapt both to the primary structure, the stripe logic, and to any form of floor plan system. Further it should be fully parametric so several adjustments, such as thickness or transparency, could be made after positioning. Like the facade system all elements were to remain single cuved as well. The new wall simply needs one attracor curve drawn on one floor. At the critical piont where two walls meet, it is necessary, in order to remain smooth and "fluid like", that the attractor curves merge by the same tangent. Thinking of remodeling the tangent merge condition over and over, it made a lot more sense to keep the floor plan system parametric, too. A handy room forming script that updates the square meters of the single rooms aswell was the result.

A WoodenFluidity :: Part 2 :: Villa
A WoodenFluidity :: Part 2 :: Villa Structure

A WoodenFluidity :: Part 2 :: Villa Interior

A WoodenFluidity :: Part 2 :: Villa & Park

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Mikoaj said...

Hi Thomas! I found one of yours MEL scripts ( http://www.exparch.at/index.php?option=com_joomlaboard&Itemid=112&func=view&catid=5&id=269#msg269) and I can't make it working. can u help me, please! i'm stuck at this : http://droplr.com/KyQ7n (screenshot) I don't know when "Kugel" comes to play.